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Shower Faucet


Item NO.: DH501
  1. Item: DH501
  2. Body: H59 Brass
  3. Seals: NBR
  4. Cartridge Strainers:
Stainless steel;
high quality french vernet wax bar ;
easy cleaning with integral sleeve strainers;
pre-set and test thermostatic cartridge ;
flow control assured by durable ceramic cartridge
Features of thermostatic
1. Thermostatic control:Ensure a Stable water Temperature.
2. Safety stop(38):Unit Can Set a Pre-determined Level for Avoiding too High Temperature.
3. Automatic shut-off:Unit automatically Shuts off in the Event of Cold Water Failure.
4. One Control to Adjust the Temperature.
5. Made from Gravity Casting Brass Body, and Plumbum of Brass is 1.2%-2%.
6. Water Quality Strainer can Protect Impurities.
7. Enjoy EU-standard Water-saving Device, Which is Suitable for 0.1 Bar to 5 Bars.
8. Chrome-plated.
9 .The Inlet Distance between Hot Water and Cold Water Can be adjusted from 130mm to 170mm.
10. Simple Installation and Service.
Every Mixer is Tested and Approved before Sale.
The Mixers are Subjected to the Following Tests:
1. Leak-tightness test on flow control.
2. Leak-tightness test of Hot and Cold Water Seat.
3. Failure Supply Safety Test.
4. Test Temperature of Outlet Water , When Pressure Disparity between Hot Water and Cold Water
 is More than 1 Bar.
5. Air -tightness at 7 Bars.

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